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Enrollment date: Anytime

Duration: 3 months

Content: 35 lessons

AgriSeta credit-bearing certificate

Good veld management, and natural resource management in general, is becoming more and more important in a world with an ever-increasing human population and subsequent pressure on the land.

This accredited course aims to train the learner on the important principles and practices needed to ensure sustainable veld management and improving land conditions. All people directly or indirectly involved in veld and land management will benefit from this course.

Please note the book Veld Management – Practices and Principles is highly recommended for additional reading. You can buy it at any good book store, or visit our online shop:

The following modules are included:

Module 1 – Introduction to veld (natural resource) management (2 lessons)
This module looks at what natural resource and veld management entail and discusses the important legislation dealing directly or indirectly with this important topic.

Module 2 – The natural resources we use (8 lessons)
This module looks at the natural resources we are dealing with during land management. The main natural resources discussed in this module include soil, vegetation, biomes, sweet and sour veld, climate, climate change, biodiversity, and wetlands.

Module 3 –Ecological principles (8 lessons)
be understood to effectively manage natural resources and veld in general. The topics include ecosystems, the nutrient cycle, vegetation cover, plant succession, grazing value of grasses, ecological index of grasses, the feeding spectrum, and grasses and grazing.

Module 4 – Veld management practices
This module looks at important veld management practices. The topics include farm planning, veld condition assessment, grazing management, fire ecology, and fire management, drought ecology and management, bush encroachment, alien invasive plants, control of problem plants, and restoration of degraded land.

Module 5 – General management practices
In this module, we look at general management practices which include resource management plants, and how to delegate effectively.

Learner’s who complete this course will receive credit-bearing certificates under the jurisdiction of AgriSETA. This course is an NQF 4 course and the minimum required qualification to enrol for this course is grade 11. The course is based on the SAQA unit standard titled “Implement a natural resource management plan”. (Unit standard ID 116303).

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